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I grabbed a pair of royal blue Bresciani in the pattern of television static ($34) and swooned over a pair of mosaic print Falke in an almost metallic pink ($30), nike socks on sale but only the smaller size was in stock. I explained my predicament to a clerk, hoping for help. Instead, he told me — smugly, maybe? — that, yeah, I wouldn't be able to find them anywhere nike socks for sale. I spent an hour online that night trying to prove him wrong, and couldn't.

Happy Socks seems to be premised nike elite socks for sale upon the idea of sock as chore, as if it needed to be reframed as a pleasure in order to justify itself. Pooh-pooh to that. Sock Hop proposes the sock as a locus of art. I have no quibble with that, nike socks sale but there is still an implicit frivolity at the core, as if the sock needs to be elevated beyond its humble, utilitarian essence in order to be embraced. Pshaw.

I found pleasure in both of those shops, but none quite like the sentiment triggered by spending a half-hour in the Sock Man, a stubborn, three-decade-strong online nike socks sale holdover from the souk days of St. Marks Place. Down a couple of steps from street level, it was staffed by an ex-ballerina who understood that a sock had purpose, and that therefore a sock had meaning.

The Sock Man was the only store of the three to take the validity and essentialness of socks as a given, with a selection vast enough to underscore the fact that socks have varying purpose. There were socks with functional swagger, by Stacy Adams ($6, Lycra); cheap nike elite socks for sale socks as expression of athletic loyalty, by Stance ($14); socks as gag gift, like the ones with a middle-finger motif ($10). Many had designs just this side of preposterous — say, Tetris pieces ($10) or Einstein faces with neon hair ($12).