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Whether President Enrique Peña Nieto wholesale nike elite socks free shipping wore his socks backward when he ran a road race last weekend might seem utterly incon-sock-quential.

But the social media commentaries wholesale nike elite socks sale that have exploded over the matter – and Peña Nieto's efforts to address them – speak to something larger about his aloof governing style, nike elite socks cheap wholesale sagging popularity and the challenges of dealing with ridicule on the Internet.

Even Peña Nieto has wholesale nike elite socks online come to refer to the matter as "Sockgate," as if it rose to the level of Watergate, wholesale nike elite socks outlet the wiretapping scandal that forced President Richard Nixon to resign in 1974.

The 49-year-old Peña Nieto is charismatic and relatively fit. He proved his fitness Saturday when he ran a 10-kilometer race in 50 minutes and 48 seconds.

The PR machine at Los Pinos, cheap nike elite socks wholesale the Mexican equivalent of the White House, went full bore for the race, sending out some 50 photos. In a press release, Peña Nieto's office highlighted his efforts to fight obesity and sedentary lifestyles elite socks wholesale.

In at least one of the photos, if one looks extremely closely, wholesale nike elite socks sale it appears as if Peña Nieto might have placed his white athletic socks on wrong, with the grayish heel at the top of the feet, an error befitting of a kindergartener.

A few tweets about the matter soon became trending topics. The tone was mocking and cruel: What a moron! He can't even put his socks on right! For the record, Peña Nieto, a lawyer who also has a master's in business administration, is no dummy. His governing style is simply one that keeps him at arm's length from the public at large, with orchestrated events that feature handpicked, usually adoring, audiences. But the past year has seen him face a swelling tide of crises.

Calculating how to quell the furor, Peña Nieto stepped into the fray.

At 6:44 p.m. Tuesday, a tweet went out from his account with a photo of his athletic socks. The text said: "Clearing up #Sockgate cheap nike elite socks wholesale." The photo shows Under Armour brand athletic socks with gray patches on the top of the foot. Thus – voila! – he wasn't wearing them backward after all.