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As perversions go, how's this? Socks in summer.

There, I said it. I like wearing socks. And more to the point nike socks on sale, I find the flaunting of ankles to be mostly a mistake, and almost always gauche nike socks for sale. The way a rigid pants cuff sits just above the bone, atop a foot that dead-ends into a sneaker or oxford — it's brittle magic nike elite socks for sale, tough to get right.

Someday I'll draft a taxonomy of men based on how much ankle and (gasp) lower calf they reveal when the sun begins to brood. A true gallery of rogues. (For clarification's sake: No, I don't expect to see you shoving sock-clad feet into your Belgians or your Sabahs.)

Also, finally, this is New York: When you walk around a city, it's nice to have protection.

One recent afternoon, I wandered around downtown to see what the landscape was like for someone who lives by this crucial code. First stop: Happy Socks, for a long time a brand that inspired mostly revulsion for its cheerfulness and for the implied misery that cheer was meant to mask nike socks sale.

Some elegance, though, has arrived at Happy Socks. The colors are less pastel, the designs more refined. There were socks seemingly inspired by the Memphis Group and by Q*bert, and maybe the Been Trill drippy font. A mustard argyle could have come from J. Press, and an oddball multicolor camo from Valentino (all $12). There were even appealing socks made in collaboration with Billionaire Boys Club — in essence, Pharrell's personal-brand diffusion line online nike socks sale.

It was a promising start, but still missing a sense of higher purpose. That's where Sock Hop comes in, the Bergdorf Goodman of foot sheathing, hidden in a long, cheap nike elite socks for sale thin NoLIta storefront. A turntable was spinning Sturgill Simpson, and in back, a couple of guys fussed over custom shirts (the store's side business, or perhaps the blockbuster that subsidizes the art-house dream).